Workshop Details



XIV Workshop on Agents Applied in Healthcare (A2HC) Sara Montagna, Stefano Mariani, Gaetano Manzo, and Michael Ignaz Schumacher

Adaptive and Learning Agents (ALA) Felipe Leno Da Silva, Conor Hayes, Fernando Santos, and Francisco Cruz
The 4th Games, Agents, and Incentives Workshop (GAIW) Ben Abramowitz, Sofia Ceppi, John P. Dickerson, Hadi Hosseini, Omer Lev, Nicholas Mattei, and Yair Zick
Workshop on Optimization and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems (OptLearnMAS) Hau Chan, Ferdinando Fioretto, and Jiaoyang Li
The 23rd International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS) Fabian Lorig and Emma Norling
Workshop on Learning with Strategic Agents (LSA) Nicholas Bishop, Minbiao Han, Hanrui Zhang, Haifeng Xu, and Long Tran-Thanh
International Workshop on Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, Norms and Ethics for Governance of Multi-Agent Systems (COINE) Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Nirav Ajmeri, and Andreasa Morris-Martin
Agent-Based Modeling of Urban Systems (ABMUS) Jason Thompson, Koen van Dam, Minh Kieu, Alison Heppenstall, Jiaqi Gee, and Nic Malleson
The 3rd International Workshop on Autonomous Agents for Social Good (AASG) Kai Wang, Amulya Yadav, Kayse Maass, and Aparna Taneja

Autonomous Robots and Multirobot Systems (ARMS) Francesco Amigoni and Noa Agmon
Engineering Multi-Agent Systems Workshop (EMAS) Rym Z. Wenkstern, Amit Chopra, and Jurgen Dix

4th International Workshop on EXplainable and TRAnsparent AI and Multi-Agent Systems (EXTRAAMAS) Davide Calvaresi, Amro Najjar, Kary Främling, and Michael Winikoff
Rebellion and Disobedience in Artificial Intelligence (RaD-AI) David W. Aha, Reuth Mirsky, and Peter Stone