Accepted Extended Abstracts

Titles Authors
R-CHECK: A Model Checker for Verifying Reconfigurable MAS Yehia Abd Alrahman, Shaun Azzopardi and Nir Piterman
RASS: Risk-Aware Swarm Storage Samuel Arseneault, David Vielfaure and Giovanni Beltrame
Local Advantage Networks for Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Raphaël Avalos, Mathieu Reymond, Ann Nowé and Diederik M. Roijers
Advising Agent for Service-Providing Live-Chat Operators Aviram Aviv, Yaniv Oshrat, Samuel Assefa, Toby Mustapha, Daniel Borrajo, Manuela Veloso and Sarit Kraus
Status-quo policy gradient in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Pinkesh Badjatiya, Mausoom Sarkar, Nikaash Puri, Jayakumar Subramanian, Abhishek Sinha, Siddharth Singh and Balaji Krishnamurthy
Deep Learnable Strategy Templates for Multi-Issue Bilateral Negotiation Pallavi Bagga, Nicola Paoletti and Kostas Stathis
Can Algorithms be Explained Without Compromising Efficiency? The Benefits of Detection and Imitation in Strategic Classification Flavia Barsotti, Rüya Gökhan Koçer and Fernando P. Santos
A New Porous Structure for Modular Robots Jad Bassil, Benoît Piranda, Abdallah Makhoul and Julien Bourgeois
On the Average-Case Complexity of Predicting Round-Robin Tournaments Dorothea Baumeister and Tobias Alexander Hogrebe
The Evolutionary Dynamics of Soft-Max Policy Gradient in Multi-Agent Settings Martino Bernasconi, Federico Cacciamani, Simone Fioravanti, Nicola Gatti and Francesco Trovò
A Refined Complexity Analysis of Fair Districting over Graphs Niclas Boehmer, Tomohiro Koana and Rolf Niedermeier
Contrastive Explanations for Argumentation-Based Conclusions Annemarie Borg and Floris Bex
Voting for Centrality Ulrik Brandes, Christian Laußmann and Jörg Rothe
The Predictive Kinematic Control Tree: Enhancing Teleoperation of Redundant Robots through Probabilistic User Models Connor Brooks and Daniel Szafir
Solving N player dynamic routing games with congestion: a mean field approach Theophile Cabannes, Mathieu Lauriere, Julien Perolat, Raphael Marinier, Sertan Girgin, Sarah Perrin, Olivier Pietquin, Alexandre Bayen, Eric Goubault and Romuald Elie
On Fair and Efficient Solutions for Budget Apportionment Pierre Cardi, Laurent Gourves and Julien Lesca
Optimal Local Bayesian Differential Privacy over Markov Chains Darshan Chakrabarti, Jie Gao, Aditya Saraf, Grant Schoenebeck and Fang-Yi Yu
Augmented Reality Visualizations using Imitation Learning for Collaborative Warehouse Robots
Kishan Chandan, Jack Albertson and Shiqi Zhang
Multi-unit Double Auctions: Equilibrium Analysis and Bidding Strategy using DDPG in Smart-grids Sanjay Chandlekar, Easwar Subramanian, Sanjay Bhat, Praveen Paruchuri and Sujit Gujar
Multi-agent Covering Option Discovery through Kronecker Product of Factor Graphs Jiayu Chen, Jingdi Chen, Tian Lan and Vaneet Aggarwal
Priced Gerrymandering Palash Dey
Behavior Exploration and Team Balancing for Heterogeneous Multiagent Coordination Gaurav Dixit and Kagan Tumer
Multi-Agent Adversarial Attacks for Multi-Channel Communications Juncheng Dong, Suya Wu, Mohammadreza Soltani and Vahid Tarokh
Rawlsian Fairness in Online Bipartite Matching: Two-sided, Group, and Individual Seyed Esmaeili, Sharmila Duppala, Vedant Nanda, Aravind Srinivasan and John Dickerson
Approaching the Overbidding Puzzle in All-Pay Auctions: Explaining Human Behavior through Bayesian Optimization and Equilibrium Learning Markus Ewert, Stefan Heidekrüger and Martin Bichler
Safety Shields, an Automated Failure Handling Mechanism for BDI Agents Angelo Ferrando and Rafael C. Cardoso
Beyond Uninformed Search: Improving Branch-and-bound Based Acceleration Algorithms for Belief Propagation via Heuristic Strategies Junsong Gao, Ziyu Chen, Dingding Chen and Wenxin Zhang
Stable Matching Games Felipe Garrido Lucero and Rida Laraki
An anytime heuristic algorithm for allocating many teams to many tasks Athina Georgara, Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar, Carles Sierra, Ornella Mich, Raman Kazhamiakin, Alessio Palmero Aprosio and Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia
Influencing Emergent Self-Assembled Structures in Robotic Collectives Through Traffic Control Everardo Gonzalez, Lucie Houel, Radhika Nagpal and Melinda Malley
Minimizing Robot Navigation Graph For Position-Based Predictability By Humans Sriram Gopalakrishnan and Subbarao Kambhampati
A Graph Neural Network Reasoner for Game Description Language Alvaro Gunawan, Ji Ruan and Xiaowei Huang
Adaptive Aggregation Weight Assignment for Federated Learning: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach Enwei Guo, Xiumin Wang and Weiwei Wu
Proof-of-Work as a Stigmergic Consensus Algorithm Önder Gürcan
Capacitated Network Design Games on a Generalized Fair Allocation Model Tesshu Hanaka, Toshiyuki Hirose and Hirotaka Ono
Multi-agent Task Allocation for Fruit Picker Team Formation Helen Harman and Elizabeth Sklar
Decision-Theoretic Planning for the Expected Scalarised Returns Conor F Hayes, Diederik M. Roijers, Enda Howley and Patrick Mannion
Implementation of Actual Data for Artificial Market Simulation Masanori Hirano, Kiyoshi Izumi and Hiroki Sakaji
Intelligent Communication over Realistic Wireless Networks in Multi-Agent Cooperative Games Diyi Hu, Chi Zhang, Viktor Prasanna and Bhaskar Krishnamachari
Multiagent Q-learning with Sub-Team Coordination Wenhan Huang, Kai Li, Kun Shao, Tianze Zhou, Jun Luo, Dongge Wang, Hangyu Mao, Jianye Hao, Jun Wang and Xiaotie Deng
Guaranteeing Half-Maximin Shares Under Cardinality Constraints Halvard Hummel and Magnus Lie Hetland
Argumentative Forecasting Benjamin Irwin, Antonio Rago and Francesca Toni
Data-driven Agent-based Models for Optimal Evacuation of Large Metropolitan Areas for Improved Disaster Planning Kazi Ashik Islam, Madhav Marathe, Henning Mortveit, Samarth Swarup and Anil Vullikanti
A Stit Logic of Responsibility Aldo Iván Ramírez Abarca and Jan Broersen
Near-Optimal Reviewer Splitting in Two-Phase Paper Reviewing and Conference Experiment Design Steven Jecmen, Hanrui Zhang, Ryan Liu, Fei Fang, Vincent Conitzer and Nihar Shah
Learning to Advise and Learning from Advice in Cooperative Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Yue Jin, Shuangqing Wei, Jian Yuan and Xudong Zhang
REFORM: Reputation Based Fair and Temporal Reward Framework for Crowdsourcing Samhita Kanaparthy, Sankarshan Damle and Sujit Gujar
Forgiving Debt in Financial Network Games Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, Maria Kyropoulou and Hao Zhou
How to train your agent: Active Learning from Human Preferences and Justifications in Safety-critical Environments Ilias Kazantzidis, Timothy Norman, Yali Du and Christopher T. Freeman
Popularity and Strict Popularity in Altruistic Hedonic Games and Minimum-Based Altruistic Hedonic Games Anna Maria Kerkmann and Jörg Rothe
Minimizing Expected Intrusion Detection Time in Adversarial Patrolling David Klaška, Antonin Kucera, Vit Musil and Vojtech Rehak
Learning Generalizable Multi-Lane Mixed Autonomy Control Strategies in Single-Lane Settings Abdul Rahman Kreidieh, Yibo Zhao, Samyak Parajuli and Alexandre Bayen
Measuring Resilience in Collective Robotic Algorithms Jennifer Leaf and Julie Adams
Automated Story Sifting Using Story Arcs Wilkins Leong, Julie Porteous and John Thangarajah
Theoretical Models and Preliminary Results for Contact Tracing and Isolation George Li, Arash Haddadan, Ann Li, Madhav Marathe, Aravind Srinivasan, Anil Kumar Vullikanti and Zeyu Zhao
Improving Generalization with Cross-State Behavior Matching in Deep Reinforcement Learning Guan-Ting Liu, Guan-Yu Lin and Pu-Jen Cheng
(Almost) Envy-Free, Proportional and Efficient Allocations of an Indivisible Mixed Manna Vasilis Livanos, Ruta Mehta and Aniket Murhekar
Modeling Affective Reaction in Multi-agent Systems Jieting Luo and Mehdi Dastani
Multimodal Reinforcement Learning with Effective State Representation Learning Jinming Ma, Yingfeng Chen, Feng Wu, Xianfeng Ji and Yu Ding
Group-level Fairness Maximization in Online Bipartite Matching Will Ma, Pan Xu and Yifan Xu
A Simulation Based Online Planning Algorithm for Multi-Agent Cooperative Environments Rafid Ameer Mahmud, Fahim Faisal, Saaduddin Mahmud and Md. Mosaddek Khan
Parameterized Algorithms for Kidney Exchange Arnab Maiti and Palash Dey
Active Generation of Logical Rules for POMCP Shielding Giulio Mazzi, Alberto Castellini and Alessandro Farinelli
Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control Optimization: A Concept for Real-World Implementation Henri Meess, Jeremias Gerner, Daniel Hein, Stefanie Schmidtner and Gordon Elger
Towards Assume-Guarantee Verification of Strategic Ability Lukasz Mikulski, Wojtek Jamroga and Damian Kurpiewski
On Achieving Leximin Fairness and Stability in Many-to-One Matchings Shivika Narang, Arpita Biswas and Y Narahari
Towards an Enthymeme-Based Communication Framework Alison Roberto Panisson, Peter McBurney and Rafael H. Bordini
I Will Have Order! Optimizing Orders for Fair Reviewer Assignment Justin Payan and Yair Zick
Concise Representations and Complexity of Combinatorial Assignment Problems Fredrik Präntare, George Osipov and Leif Eriksson
Behavior vs Appearance: what type of adaptations are more socially motivated? Diogo Rato, Marta Couto and Rui Prada
Agent-Time Attention for Sparse Rewards Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Jennifer She, Jayesh Gupta and Mykel Kochenderfer
Environment Guided Interactive Reinforcement Learning: Learning from Binary Feedback in High-Dimensional Robot Task Environments Isaac Sheidlower, Elaine Short and Allison Moore
Pre-trained Language Models as Prior Knowledge for Playing Text-based Games Ishika Singh, Gargi Singh and Ashutosh Modi
Resource-Aware Adaptation of Heterogeneous Strategies for Coalition Formation Anusha Srikanthan and Harish Ravichandar
Speeding up Deep Reinforcement Learning through Influence-Augmented Local Simulators Miguel Suau, Jinke He, Matthijs Spaan and Frans Oliehoek
Maximizing Resource Allocation Likelihood with Minimum Compromise Yohai Trabelsi, Abhijin Adiga, Sarit Kraus and S.S. Ravi
Max-sum with Quadtrees for Continuous DCOPs with Application to Lane-Free Autonomous Driving Dimitrios Troullinos, Georgios Chalkiadakis, Vasilis Samoladas and Markos Papageorgiou
Autonomous Flight Arcade Challenge: Single- and Multi-Agent Learning Environments for Aerial Vehicles Paul Tylkin, Tsun-Hsuan Wang, Tim Seyde, Kyle Palko, Ross Allen, Alexander Amini and Daniela Rus
Non-Parametric Neuro-Adaptive Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems Christos Verginis, Zhe Xu and Ufuk Topcu
Moving Target Defense under Uncertainty for Web Applications Vignesh Viswanathan, Megha Bose and Praveen Paruchuri
The Ethical Acceptability of Artificial Social Agents Ravi Vythilingam, Deborah Richards and Paul Formosa
Near On-Policy Experience Sampling in Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning Shang Wang, Mathieu Reymond, Athirai Irissappane and Diederik M. Roijers
On Agent Incentives to Manipulate Human Feedback in Multi-Agent Reward Learning Scenarios Francis Rhys Ward, Francesca Toni and Francesco Belardinelli
How to Train PointGoal Navigation Agents on a (Sample and Compute) Budget Erik Wijmans, Irfan Essa and Dhruv Batra
Performance of Deep Reinforcement Learning for High Frequency Market Making on Actual Tick Data Ziyi Xu, Xue Cheng and Yangbo He
On the Complexity of Controlling Amendment and Successive Winners Yongjie Yang
On-the-fly Strategy Adaptation for ad-hoc Agent Coordination Jaleh Zand, Jack Parker-Holder and Stephen Roberts
Off-Policy Correction For Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Michał Zawalski, Błażej Osiński, Henryk Michalewski and Piotr Miłoś
An Agent-based Model for Emergency Evacuation from a Multi-floor Building Xiaoyan Zhang, Graham Coates, Sarah Dunn and Jean Hall
Irrational behaviour and globalisation Yuanzi Zhu and Carmine Ventre