Blue Sky Track

Accepted papers

Title Authors
Robots Teaching Humans: A New Communication Paradigm via Reverse Teleoperation Rika Antonova and Ankur Handa
Social Choice Around the Block: On the Computational Social Choice of Blockchain Davide Grossi
Augmented Democratic Deliberation: Can Conversational Agents Boost Deliberation in Social Media? Rafik Hadfi and Takayuki Ito
Towards Anomaly Detection in Reinforcement Learning Robert Müller, Steffen Illium, Thomy Phan, Tom Haider and Claudia Linnhoff-Popien
The Holy Grail of Multi-Robot Planning: Learning to Generate Online-Scalable Solutions from Offline-Optimal Experts Amanda Prorok, Jan Blumenkamp, Qingbiao Li, Ryan Kortvelesy, Zhe Liu and Ethan Stump
“Go to the Children”: Rethinking to Intelligent Agent Design and Programming in a Developmental Learning Perspective Alessandro Ricci
Foundations for the Grassroots Formation of a Democratic Metaverse Ehud Shapiro and Nimrod Talmon
Agent-Assisted Life-Long Education and Learning Tomas Trescak, Roger Lera Leri, Filippo Bistaffa and Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar
Macro Ethics for Governing Equitable Sociotechnical Systems Jessica Woodgate and Nirav Ajmeri