Mechanism Design without Money:Matching, Facility Location, and Beyond

Organizers: Haris Aziz (UNSW Sydney & Data61, CSIRO); Hau Chan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Hadi Hosseini (Penn State University); Chenhao Wang (Beijing Normal University)*

Duration: Half-day

Tutorial on Multi-Agent Distributed Constrained Optimization

Organizers: Gauthier Picard (ONERA)*; Filippo Bistaffa (IIIA-CSIC)

Duration: Half-day

Risk-aware Single-agent & Muti-agent Reinforcement Learning: Algorithms And Meta-algorithms

Organizers: Bo Liu (Auburn University)*; Bo An (Nanyang Technological University); Yangyang Xu (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Duration: Half-day


Distortion in Social Choice & Beyond

Organizer: Nisarg Shah (University of Toronto)*

Duration: Half-day

Ethical challenges for Autonomous and Multiagent Systems

Organizer: Jim Torresen (University of Oslo)*

Duration: Half-day

Explainability in Machine Learning: A basic introduction for the uninitiated

Organizer: Vaishak Belle (University of Edinburgh)*

Duration: Full-day

Recent Advances in Multi-Agent Path Finding

Organizers: Jiaoyang Li (University of Southern California); Daniel Harabor (Monash University)*; Sven Koenig (University of Southern California); Ariel Felner (BGU)

Duration: Half-day

Scalable Agent-based Discussion Platforms: Foundations, Development, and Applications

Organizers: Rafik Hadfi (Kyoto University)*; Takayuki Ito (Kyoto University); Sofia Sahab (Kyoto University)

Duration: Half-day

Graph Neural Networks: Learning Representations of Robot Team Coordination Problems

Organizers: Matthew Gombolay (Georgia Institute of Technology)*; Zheyuan Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Duration: Half-day

Multi-Agent Systems Approaches for COVID-19 and Future Pandemics

Organizer: Amulya Yadav (Pennsylvania State University)*

Duration: Half-day