Accepted Papers

Title Authors
Using Agent-Based Simulator to Assess Interventions Against COVID-19 in a Small Community Generated from Map Data Mitsuteru Abe, Fabio Tanaka, Jair Pereira Junior, Anna Bogdanova, Tetsuya Sakurai and Claus Aranha
Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning with Non-Linear Scalarization Mridul Agarwal, Vaneet Aggarwal and Tian Lan
Be Considerate: Avoiding Negative Side Effects in Reinforcement Learning Parand Alizadeh Alamdari, Toryn Q. Klassen, Rodrigo Toro Icarte and Sheila A. McIlraith
Justifying Social-Choice Mechanism Outcome for Improving Participant Satisfaction Sharadhi Alape Suryanarayana, David Sarne and Sarit Kraus
Hacking the Colony: On the Disruptive Effect of Misleading Pheromone and How to Defend against It Ashay Aswale, Antonio Lopez, Aukkawut Ammartayakun and Carlo Pinciroli
State Supervised Steering Function for Sampling-based Kinodynamic Planning Pranav Atreya and Joydeep Biswas
Unbiased Asymmetric Reinforcement Learning under Partial Observability Andrea Baisero and Christopher Amato
Multi-Agent Heterogeneous Digital Twin Framework with Dynamic Responsibility Allocation for Complex Task Simulation Adrian Simon Bauer, Anne Köpken and Daniel Leidner
Corruption in Auctions: Social Welfare Loss in Hybrid Multi-Unit Auctions Andries van Beek, Ruben Brokkelkamp and Guido Schaefer
Reasoning about Human-Friendly Strategies in Repeated Keyword Auctions Francesco Belardinelli, Wojtek Jamroga, Vadim Malvone, Munyque Mittelmann, Aniello Murano and Laurent Perrussel
COPALZ: A Computational Model of Pathological Appraisal Biases for an Interactive Virtual Alzheimer Patient Amine Benamara, Jean-Claude Martin, Elise Prigent, Laurence Chaby, Mohamed Chetouani, Jean Zagdoun, Hélène Vanderstichel, Sébastien Dacunha and Brian Ravenet
Computing Balanced Solutions for Large International Kidney Exchange Schemes Marton Benedek, Peter Biro, Walter Kern and Daniel Paulusma
Agent-based modeling and simulation for malware spreading in D2D networks Ziyad Benomar, Chaima Ghribi, Elie Cali, Alexander Hinsen and Benedikt Jahnel
Quantitative Group Trust: A Two-Stage Verification Approach Jamal Bentahar, Nagat Drawel and Abdeladim Sadiki
Asynchronous Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks Petra Berenbrink, Martin Hoefer, Dominik Kaaser, Pascal Lenzner, Malin Rau and Daniel Schmand
Interpretable Preference-based Reinforcement Learning with Tree-Structured Reward Functions Tom Bewley and Freddy LeCue
Proportional Representation in Matching Markets: Selecting Multiple Matchings under Dichotomous Preferences Niclas Boehmer, Markus Brill and Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin
Multivariate Algorithmics for Eliminating Envy by Donating Goods Niclas Boehmer, Robert Bredereck, Klaus Heeger, Dušan Knop and Junjie Luo
A Hierarchical Bayesian Process for Inverse RL in Partially-Controlled Environments Kenneth Bogert and Prashant Doshi
Little House (Seat) on the Prairie: Compactness, Gerrymandering, and Population Distribution Allan Borodin, Omer Lev, Nisarg Shah and Tyrone Strangway
Knowledge Transmission and Improvement Across Generations do not Need Strong Selection Yasser Bourahla, Manuel Atencia and Jérôme Euzenat
Explainability in Multi-Agent Path/Motion Planning: User-study-driven taxonomy and requirements Martim Brandao, Masoumeh Mansouri, Areeb Mohammed, Paul Luff and Amanda Coles
Relaxed Notions of Condorcet-Consistency and Efficiency for Strategyproof Social Decision Schemes Felix Brandt, Patrick Lederer and René Romen
Fair Stable Matching Meets Correlated Preferences Angelina Brilliantova and Hadi Hosseini
Exploiting Causal Structure for Transportability in Online, Multi-Agent Environments Axel Browne and Andrew Forney
Beyond Cake Cutting: Allocating Homogeneous Divisible Goods Ioannis Caragiannis, Vasilis Gkatzelis, Alexandros Psomas and Daniel Schoepflin
Planning, Execution, and Adaptation for Multi-Robot Systems using Probabilistic and Temporal Planning Yaniel Carreno, Jun Hao Alvin Ng, Yvan Petillot and Ron Petrick
Bayesian Persuasion Meets Mechanism Design: Going Beyond Intractability with Type Reporting Matteo Castiglioni, Alberto Marchesi and Nicola Gatti
Individual-Level Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Mean Field Games Yang Chen, Libo Zhang, Jiamou Liu and Shuyue Hu
Anomaly Guided Policy Learning from Imperfect Demonstrations Zi-Xuan Chen, Xin-Qiang Cai, Yuan Jiang and Zhi-Hua Zhou
Networked Restless Multi-Armed Bandits for Mobile Interventions Han Ching Ou, Christoph Siebenbrunner, Jackson Killian, Meredith B Brooks, David Kempe, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik and Milind Tambe
Simulating Multiwinner Voting Rules in Judgment Aggregation Julian Chingoma, Ulle Endriss and Ronald de Haan
Coordinated Multi-Agent Path Finding for Drones and Trucks over Road Networks Shushman Choudhury, Kiril Solovey, Mykel J. Kochenderfer and Marco Pavone
Pippi: Practical Protocol Instantiation Samuel Christie, Amit Chopra and Munindar Singh
Optimizing Multi-Agent Coordination via Hierarchical Graph Probabilistic Recursive Reasoning Saar Cohen and Noa Agmon
Three-Dimensional Popular Matching with Cyclic Preferences Ágnes Cseh and Jannik Peters
Pareto optimal and popular house allocation with lower and upper quotas Ágnes Cseh, Tobias Friedrich and Jannik Peters
Poincaré-Bendixson Limit Sets in Multi-Agent Learning Aleksander Czechowski and Georgios Piliouras
A Distributed Differentially Private Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Unboundedly Large Settings Panayiotis Danassis, Aleksei Triastcyn and Boi Faltings
Computation and Bribery of Voting Power in Delegative Simple Games Gianlorenzo D’Angelo, Esmaeil Delfaraz and Hugo Gilbert
Budgeted Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandits Debojit Das, Shweta Jain and Sujit Gujar
Efficient Approximation Algorithms for the Inverse Semivalue Problem Ilias Diakonikolas, Chrystalla Pavlou, John Peebles and Alistair Stewart
Multiagent Dynamics of Gradual Argumentation Semantics Louise Dupuis, Elise Bonzon and Nicolas Maudet
How to Fairly Allocate Easy and Difficult Chores Soroush Ebadian, Dominik Peters and Nisarg Shah
Scalable Multi-Agent Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Vladimir Egorov and Aleksei Shpilman
Facility Location With Approval Preferences: Strategyproofness and Fairness Edith Elkind, Minming Li and Houyu Zhou
Betweenness Centrality in Multi-Agent Path Finding Eric Ewing, Jingyao Ren, Dhvani Kansara, Vikraman Sathiyanarayanan and Nora Ayanian
Welfare vs. Representation in Participatory Budgeting Roy Fairstein, Dan Vilenchik, Reshef Meir and Kobi Gal
A path-following polynomial equations systems approach for computing Nash equilibria Hélène Fargier, Paul Jourdan and Régis Sabbadin
Ensemble and Incremental Learning for Norm Violation Detection Thiago Freitas Dos Santos, Nardine Osman and Marco Schorlemmer
The Price of Majority Support Robin Fritsch and Roger Wattenhofer
A Symbolic Representation for Probabilistic Dynamic Epistemic Logic Sébastien Gamblin, Alexandre Niveau and Maroua Bouzid
Fully-Autonomous, Vision-based Traffic Signal Control: from Simulation to Reality Deepeka Garg, Maria Chli and George Vogiatzis
One-Sided Matching Markets with Endowments: Equilibria and Algorithms Jugal Garg, Thorben Tröbst and Vijay Vazirani
Negotiated Path Planning for Non-Cooperative Multi-Robot Systems Anna Gautier, Alex Stephens, Bruno Lacerda, Nick Hawes and Michael Wooldridge
Refined Hardness of Distance-Optimal Multi-Agent Path Finding Tzvika Geft and Dan Halperin
Concave Utility Reinforcement Learning: the Mean-field Game viewpoint Matthieu Geist, Julien Pérolat, Mathieu Laurière, Romuald Elie, Sarah Perrin, Oliver Bachem, Rémi Munos and Olivier Pietquin
D3C: Reducing the Price of Anarchy in Multi-Agent Learning Ian Gemp, Kevin McKee, Richard Everett, Edgar Duenez-Guzman, Yoram Bachrach, David Balduzzi and Andrea Tacchetti
Sample-based Approximation of Nash in Large Many-Player Games via Gradient Descent Ian Gemp, Rahul Savani, Marc Lanctot, Yoram Bachrach, Thomas Anthony, Richard Everett, Andrea Tacchetti, Tom Eccles and Janos Kramar
Building contrastive explanations for multi-agent team formation Athina Georgara, Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar and Carles Sierra
Long-Term Resource Allocation Fairness in  Average Markov Decision Process (AMDP) Environment Ganesh Ghalme, Vineet Nair, Vishakha Patil and Yilun Zhou
Fair and Truthful Mechanism with Limited Subsidy Hiromichi Goko, Ayumi Igarashi, Yasushi Kawase, Kazuhisa Makino, Hanna Sumita, Akihisa Tamura, Yu Yokoi and Makoto Yokoo
Robust No-Regret Learning in Min-Max Stackelberg Games Denizalp Goktas, Jiayi Zhao and Amy Greenwald
Multi-Agent Curricula and Emergent Implicit Signaling Niko Grupen, Daniel Lee and Bart Selman
Intention-Aware Navigation in Crowds with Extended-Space POMDP Planning Himanshu Gupta, Bradley Hayes and Zachary Sunberg
Multiagent Model-based Credit Assignment for Continuous Control Dongge Han, Chris Xiaoxuan Lu, Tomasz Michalak and Michael Wooldridge
Hierarchical Value Decomposition for Effective On-demand Ride-Pooling Jiang Hao and Pradeep Varakantham
Computing Nash Equilibria for District-based Nominations Paul Harrenstein and Paolo Turrini
Ordinal Maximin Share Approximation for Chores Hadi Hosseini, Andrew Searns and Erel Segal-Halevi
A Mean Field Game Model of Spatial Evolutionary Games Vincent Hsiao and Dana Nau
The Dynamics of Q-learning in Population Games: a Physics-inspired Continuity Equation Model Shuyue Hu, Chin-Wing Leung, Ho-Fung Leung and Harold Soh
Reduction-based Solving of Multi-agent Pathfinding on Large Maps Using Graph Pruning Matej Husár, Jiří Švancara, Philipp Obermeier, Roman Barták and Torsten Schaub
Autonomous Swarm Shepherding Using Curriculum-Based Reinforcement Learning Aya Hussein, Eleni Petraki, Sondoss Elsawah and Hussein A. Abbass
Cascades and Overexposure in Social Networks: The Budgeted Case Mohammad Irfan, Kim Hancock and Laura Friel
Being Central on the Cheap: Stability in Heterogeneous Multiagent Centrality Games Gabriel Istrate and Cosmin Bonchiş
A Declarative Framework for Maximal k-plex Enumeration Problems Said Jabbour, Nizar Mhadhbi, Badran Raddaoui and Lakhdar Sais
Lazy-MDPs: Towards Interpretable RL by Learning When to Act Alexis Jacq, Johan Ferret, Olivier Pietquin and Matthieu Geist
Balancing Fairness and Efficiency in Traffic Routing via Interpolated Traffic Assignment Devansh Jalota, Kiril Solovey, Matthew Tsao, Stephen Zoepf and Marco Pavone
Selecting PhD Students and Projects with Limited Funding Jatin Jindal, Jérôme Lang, Katarína Cechlárová and Julien Lesca
Planning Not to Talk: Multiagent Systems that are Robust to Communication Loss Mustafa O. Karabag, Cyrus Neary and Ufuk Topcu
How Hard is Safe Bribery? Neel Karia, Faraaz Mallick and Palash Dey
BADDr: Bayes-Adaptive Deep Dropout RL for POMDPs Sammie Katt, Hai Nguyen, Frans Oliehoek and Christopher Amato
Translating Omega-Regular Specifications to Average Objectives for Model-Free Reinforcement Learning Milad Kazemi, Mateo Perez, Fabio Somenzi, Sadegh Soudjani, Ashutosh Trivedi and Alvaro Velasquez
Tactile Pose Estimation and Policy Learning for Unknown Object Manipulation Tarik Kelestemur, Robert Platt and Taskin Padir
Disentangling Successor Features for Coordination in Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Seung Hyun Kim, Neale Van Stralen, Girish Chowdhary and Huy T. Tran
Equilibria in Schelling Games: Computational Hardness and Robustness Luca Kreisel, Niclas Boehmer, Vincent Froese and Rolf Niedermeier
Multimodal analysis of the predictability of hand-gesture properties Taras Kucherenko, Rajmund Nagy, Michael Neff, Hedvig Kjellström and Gustav Eje Henter
Towards Pluralistic Value Alignment: Aggregating Value Systems Through Lp-Regression Roger Lera-Leri, Filippo Bistaffa, Marc Serramia, Maite Lopez-Sanchez and Juan Rodriguez-Aguilar
Deploying Vaccine Distribution Sites for Improved Accessibility and Equity to Support Pandemic Response George Li, Ann Li, Madhav Marathe, Aravind Srinivasan, Leonidas Tsepenekas and Anil Kumar Vullikanti
ASM-PPO: Asynchronous and Scalable Multi-Agent PPO for Cooperative Charging Yongheng Liang, Hejun Wu and Haitao Wang
Equilibrium Computation For Knockout Tournaments Played By Groups Grzegorz Lisowski, Ramanujan Maadapuzhi-Sridharan and Paolo Turrini
The spoofing resistance of frequent call markets Buhong Liu, Maria Polukarov, Carmine Ventre, Lingbo Li, Leslie Kanthan, Fan Wu and Michail Basios
Residual Entropy-based Graph Generative Algorithms Wencong Liu, Jiamou Liu, Zijian Zhang, Yiwei Liu and Liehuang Zhu
Logical Theories of Collective Attitudes and the Belief Base Perspective Emiliano Lorini and Eloan Rapion
Lyapunov Exponents for Diversity in Differentiable Games Jonathan Lorraine, Paul Vicol, Jack Parker-Holder, Tal Kachman, Luke Metz and Jakob Foerster
Any-Play: an Intrinsic Augmentation for Zero-Shot Coordination Keane Lucas and Ross Allen
Coalition Formation Games and Social Ranking Solutions Roberto Lucchetti, Stefano Moretti and Tommaso Rea
On Parameterized Complexity of Binary Networked Public Goods Game Arnab Maiti and Palash Dey
Efficient Algorithms for Finite Horizon and Streaming Restless Multi-Armed Bandit Problems Aditya Mate, Arpita Biswas, Christoph Siebenbrunner, Susobhan Ghosh and Milind Tambe
CAPS: Comprehensible Abstract Policy Summaries for Explaining Reinforcement Learning Agents Joe McCalmon, Thai Le, Sarra Alqahtani and Dongwon Lee
Warmth and Competence in Human-Agent Cooperation Kevin McKee, Xuechunzi Bai and Susan Fiske
Cooperation and learning dynamics under risk diversity and financial incentives Ramona Merhej, Fernando P. Santos, Francisco S. Melo, Mohamed Chetouani and Francisco C. Santos
Best-Response Bayesian Reinforcement Learning with BA-POMDPs for Centaurs Mustafa Mert Çelikok, Frans A. Oliehoek and Samuel Kaski
Preference-Based Goal Refinement in BDI Agents Mostafa Mohajeriparizi, Giovanni Sileno and Tom Van Engers
Learning Equilibria in Mean-Field Games: Introducing Mean-Field PSRO Paul Muller, Mark Rowland, Romuald Elie, Georgios Piliouras, Julien Perolat, Mathieu Lauriere, Raphael Marinier, Olivier Pietquin and Karl Tuyls
A Graph-Based Algorithm for the Automated Justification of Collective Decisions Oliviero Nardi, Arthur Boixel and Ulle Endriss
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Active Wake Control Grigory Neustroev, Sytze P.E. Andringa, Remco A. Verzijlbergh and Mathijs M. De Weerdt
Learning Theory of Mind via Dynamic Traits Attribution Dung Nguyen, Phuoc Nguyen, Hung Le, Kien Do, Svetha Venkatesh and Truyen Tran
Learning to Transfer Role Assignment Across Team Sizes Dung Nguyen, Phuoc Nguyen, Svetha Venkatesh and Truyen Tran
CTRMs: Learning to Construct Cooperative Timed Roadmaps for Multi-agent Path Planning in Continuous Spaces Keisuke Okumura, Ryo Yonetani, Mai Nishimura and Asako Kanezaki
Factorial Agent Markov Model: Modeling Other Agents’ Behavior in presence of Dynamic Latent Decision Factors Liubove Orlov-Savko, Abhinav Jain, Gregory Gremillion, Catherine Neubauer, Jonroy Canady and Vaibhav Unhelkar
Characterizing Attacks on Deep Reinforcement Learning Xinlei Pan, Chaowei Xiao, Warren He, Shuang Yang, Jian Peng, Mingjie Sun, Mingyan Liu, Bo Li and Dawn Song
BOID*: Autonomous goal deliberation through abduction Stipe Pandzic, Jan Broersen and Henk Aarts
Scaling Mean Field Games with Online Mirror Descent Julien Pérolat, Sarah Perrin, Romuald Elie, Mathieu Laurière, Georgios Piliouras, Matthieu Geist, Karl Tuyls and Olivier Pietquin
MORAL: Aligning AI with Human Norms through Multi-Objective Reinforced Active Learning Markus Peschl, Arkady Zgonnikov, Frans Oliehoek and Luciano Siebert
Emergent Cooperation from Mutual Acknowledgment Exchange Thomy Phan, Felix Sommer, Philipp Altmann, Fabian Ritz, Lenz Belzner and Claudia Linnhoff-Popien
Auction-based and Distributed Optimization Approaches for Scheduling Observations in Satellite Constellations with Exclusive Orbit Portions Gauthier Picard
Trajectory Coordination based on Distributed Constraint Optimization Techniques in Unmanned Air Traffic Management Gauthier Picard
Learning Heuristics for Combinatorial Assignment by Optimally Solving Subproblems Fredrik Präntare, Herman Appelgren, Mattias Tiger, David Bergström and Fredrik Heintz
Evaluating the Role of Interactivity on Improving Transparency in Autonomous Agents Peizhu Qian and Vaibhav Unhelkar
Revenue and User Traffic Maximization in Mobile Short-Video Advertising Dezhi Ran, Weiqiang Zheng, Yunqi Li, Kaigui Bian, Jie Zhang and Xiaotie Deng
Automated Configuration and Usage of Strategy Portfolios for Bargaining Bram Renting, Holger Hoos and Catholijn Jonker
Pareto Conditioned Networks Mathieu Reymond, Eugenio Bargiacchi and Ann Nowé
Testing requirements via User and System Stories in Agent Systems Sebastian Rodriguez, John Thangarajah, Michael Winikoff and Dhirendra Singh
GCS: Graph-Based Coordination Strategy for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Jingqing Ruan, Yali Du, Xuantang Xiong, Dengpeng Xing, Xiyun Li, Linghui Meng, Haifeng Zhang, Jun Wang and Bo Xu
REMAX: Relational Representation for Multi-Agent Exploration Heechang Ryu, Hayong Shin and Jinkyoo Park
Optimal Matchings with One-Sided Preferences: Fixed and Cost-Based Quotas Santhini K. A., Govind S. Sankar and Meghana Nasre
Decoupled Reinforcement Learning to Stabilise Intrinsically-Motivated Exploration Lukas Schäfer, Filippos Christianos, Josiah P. Hanna and Stefano V. Albrecht
Group fairness in bandit arm selection Candice Schumann, Zhi Lang, Nicholas Mattei and John P. Dickerson
Sympathy based Reinforcement Learning agents Manisha Senadeera, Thommen George Karimpanal, Santu Rana and Sunil Gupta
Learning Efficient Diverse Communication for Cooperative Heterogeneous Teaming Esmaeil Seraj, Zheyuan Wang, Rohan Paleja, Daniel Martin, Matthew Sklar, Anirudh Patel and Matthew Gombolay
Using Deep Learning to Bootstrap Abstractions for Hierarchical Robot Planning Naman Shah and Siddharth Srivastava
ACuTE: Automatic Curriculum Transfer from Simple to Complex Environments Yash Shukla, Christopher Thierauf, Ramtin Hosseini, Gyan Tatiya and Jivko Sinapov
Anti-Malware Sandbox Games Sujoy Sikdar, Sikai Ruan, Qishen Han, Paween Pitimanaaree, Jeremy Blackthorne, Bulent Yener and Lirong Xia
Properties of Reputation Lag Attack Strategies Sean Sirur and Tim Muller
The Generalized Magician Problem under Unknown Distributions and Related Applications Aravind Srinivasan and Pan Xu
Context-Aware Modelling for Multi-Robot Systems Under Uncertainty Charlie Street, Bruno Lacerda, Michal Staniaszek, Manuel Mühlig and Nick Hawes
Off-Policy Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning with Maximum Mutations Karush Suri
Descriptive and Prescriptive Visual Guidance to Improve Shared Situational Awareness in Human-Robot Teaming Aaquib Tabrez, Matthew B. Luebbers and Bradley Hayes
How Hard is Bribery in Elections with Randomly Selected Voters Liangde Tao, Lin Chen, Lei Xu, Weidong Shi, Ahmed Sunny and Md Mahabub Uz Zaman
Socially supervised representation learning: the role of subjectivity in learning efficient representations Julius Taylor, Eleni Nisioti and Clément Moulin-Frier
Coaching agent: making recommendations for behavior change. A case study on improving eating habits Jules Vandeputte, Antoine Cornuéjols, Nicolas Darcel, Fabien Delaere and Christine Martin
How to Sense the World: Leveraging Hierarchy in Multimodal Perception for Robust Reinforcement Learning Agents Miguel Vasco, Hang Yin, Francisco S. Melo and Ana Paiva
Controller Synthesis for Omega-Regular and Steady-State Specifications Alvaro Velasquez, Ismail Alkhouri, Andre Beckus, Ashutosh Trivedi and George Atia
Graphical Representation Enhances Human Compliance with Principles for Graded Argumentation Semantics Srdjan Vesic, Bruno Yun and Predrag Teovanovic
Epistemic Reasoning in Jason Michael Vezina and Babak Esfandiari
Robust Learning from Observation with Model Misspecification Luca Viano, Yu-Ting Huang, Parameswaran Kamalaruban, Craig Innes, Subramanian Ramamoorthy and Adrian Weller
FCMNet: Full Communication Memory Net for Team-Level Cooperation in Multi-Agent Systems Yutong Wang and Guillaume Sartoretti
Online Collective Multiagent Planning by Offline Policy Reuse with Applications to City-Scale Mobility-on-Demand Systems Wanyuan Wang, Gerong Wu, Weiwei Wu, Yichuan Jiang and Bo An
Evaluating Strategy Exploration in Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis Yongzhao Wang, Qiurui Ma and Michael Wellman
Position-based Matching with Multi-Modal Preferences Yinghui Wen, Aizhong Zhou and Jiong Guo
Empirical Estimates on Hand Manipulation are Recoverable: A Step Towards Individualized and Explainable Robotic Support in Everyday Activities Alexander Wich, Holger Schultheis and Michael Beetz
Agent-Temporal Attention for Reward Redistribution in Episodic Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Baicen Xiao, Bhaskar Ramasubramanian and Radha Poovendran
Spiking Pitch Black: Poisoning an Unknown Environment to Attack Unknown Reinforcement Learners Hang Xu, Xinghua Qu and Zinovi Rabinovich
SIDE: State Inference for Partially Observable Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Zhiwei Xu, Yunpeng Bai, Dapeng Li, Bin Zhang and Guoliang Fan
Mis-spoke or mis-lead: Achieving Robustness in Multi-Agent Communicative Reinforcement Learning Wanqi Xue, Wei Qiu, Bo An, Zinovi Rabinovich, Svetlana Obraztsova and Chai Kiat Yeo
Standby-Based Deadlock Avoidance Method for Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery Tasks Tomoki Yamauchi, Yuki Miyashita and Toshiharu Sugawara
Adaptive Incentive Design with Multi-Agent Meta-Gradient Reinforcement Learning Jiachen Yang, Ethan Wang, Rakshit Trivedi, Tuo Zhao and Hongyuan Zha
Strategy-Proof House Allocation with Existing Tenants over Social Networks Bo You, Ludwig Dierks, Taiki Todo, Minming Li and Makoto Yokoo
Segregation in social networks of heterogeneous agents acting under incomplete information D. Kai Zhang and Alexander Carver
Incentives to Invite Others to Form Larger Coalitions Yao Zhang and Dengji Zhao
Tracking Truth by Weighting Proxies in Liquid Democracy Yuzhe Zhang and Davide Grossi
Multi-Agent Path Finding for Precedence-Constrained Goal Sequences Han Zhang, Jingkai Chen, Jiaoyang Li, Brian Williams and Sven Koenig
The Competition and Inefficiency in Urban Road Last-Mile Delivery Keyang Zhang, Jose Javier Escribano Macias, Dario Paccagnan and Panagiotis Angeloudis
Centralized Model and Exploration Policy for Multi-Agent RL Qizhen Zhang, Chris Lu, Animesh Garg and Jakob Foerster
A Deeper Look at Discounting Mismatch in Actor-Critic Algorithms Shangtong Zhang, Romain Laroche, Harm van Seijen, Shimon Whiteson and Remi Tachet des Combes