Accepted papers

Title Authors
Goal-driven Active Reinforcement Learning with Human Teachers Nicolas Bougie and Ryutaro Ichise
Trust repair in human-agent teams: the effectiveness of explanations and expressing regret Esther Kox, José Kerstholt, Tom Hueting and Peter de Vries
Towards addressing dynamic multi-agent task allocation in law enforcement Itshak Tkach and Sofia Amador Nelke
Voting with Random Classifiers (VORACE): Theoretical and Experimental Analysis Cristina Cornelio, Michele Donini, Andrea Loreggia, Maria Silvia Pini and Francesca Rossi
GDL as a Unifying Domain Description Language for Declarative Automated Negotiation Dave de Jonge and Dongmo Zhang
Combining quantitative and qualitative reasoning in concurrent multi-player games Nils Bulling and Valentin Goranko
Concurrent Negotiations with Global Utility Functions Yasser Mohammad and Shinji Nakadai
Reaching Consensus Under a Deadline Marina Bánnikova, Lihi Dery, Svetlana Obraztsova, Zinovi Rabinovich and Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
Designing Efficient and Fair Mechanisms for Multi-Type Resource Allocation Xiaoxi Guo, Sujoy Sikdar, Haibin Wang, Lirong Xia, Yongzhi Cao and Hanpin Wang
Enabling BDI group plans with coordination middleware: Semantics and Implementation Stephen Cranefield
Automatic calibration framework of agent-based models for dynamic and heterogeneous parameters Dongjun Kim, Tae-Sub Yun, Il-Chul Moon and Jang Won Bae